Children’s Book Review: Walk Your Dog

Words by Elizabeth Stevens Omler. Pictures by Neesha Hudson

It was Lilly, my grand-daughter, who was preparing to deliver the reading. The audience were in place. Tussock the dog snoozing, seemingly unaware of the commotion building around him.

Teddy and Monster waiting eagerly for Lilly’s arrival. And yes, here she comes.

She pauses for affect.

Opens the first page.

Her eyes fall on the illustration and a big smile breaks out. A deep breath and Lilly and the words fall over themselves as she starts to tell the story. She relates to them absolutely.

Then she turns the page again.

Lilly is three. She’s not reading from words on the pages per se. She loves the pictures and she is telling the gathered audience (actually I am sorry to report the dog has left the room despite bring castigated at length) what she, in her three-year-old mind, wants each picture to say. As a further page is turned and her eyes alight on the next illustration, Lilly launches into another story, sometimes giggling as teddy and monster sit rapt.

There are few words, those that are written simply provide the adult reader with prompts to the wonderful, imaginative illustrations.

Lilly loves books.

At just three years of age you already know that she always will.

Thanks to Walk Your Dog and the wonderful, funny art, and the many, many other children’s books that adorn our library shelves. We are encouraging generations of children to continue the love of the written word, the anticipation of the page turned.

How I envy the abilities, the talent of the children book illustrators and the gift they deliver to our children.

The pictures in ‘Walk Your Dog’ are a joy.