Kid' Picks

A selection of new books for children

Picture Books

I'm a Duck.  Eve Bunting
Having suffered  from a traumatic event whilst still in the egg a duckling spends its days feeling left out because it can't swim.  Eventually, with the help of an owl and a frog,  the duckling manages to take the plunge.  Beautifully illustrated and written in rhyme this is a perfect read aloud book for very young listeners.

The Secret of Black Rock.  Joe Todd-Stanton
Erin is longing to go to sea on her mother's fishing boat but she is not allowed to because of an age old myth about a black rock that is said to move around the ocean endangering lives.  One day Erin manages to sneak on board unseen.  When she falls out of the boat she is surprised to find that the black rock isn't as scary as she had believed.

Fiction 7-9

Tales from a Tall Forest.  Shaun Micallef
There are three stories in this book, each cleverly written combinations of folk tales that will be familiar to young and old.  The book is full of fabulous drawings portraying characters from these old tales including witches , woodcutters and even a house made of confectionery.  The stories are captivating, funny and full of adventure.  A most enjoyable read.

Marsh and Me.  Martine Murray
Joe loves spending time on his favourite hill.  It's the kind of place that you could play loud guitar and no one would hear you.  Imagine his surprise when he finds a stranger has taken his space and built a hut.  Who is this intruder?  This is a story about friendship , self doubt and overcoming obstacles.

Fiction 10+

Lucky Broken Girl.  Ruth Behar
Ruthie has moved to the U.S.A. from Cuba.  Because English is her second language she starts at her  new school in what she thinks of as the 'dumb class'.  Just as she starts to make new friends and is moved up a class she has an accident that adds new challenges to and already complicated life.  This is an award winning book.

The Whiz Mob and the Grenadine Kid. Colin Meloy
When twelve year old Charlie is rejected by his mother and sent to live with his father, an American diplomat, his new lifestyle leaves him feeling bored and lonely.  So when he meets up with a band of pickpocketers who offer to teach him everything they know he accepts their offer eagerly.  This is a great story that is full of adventure from start to finish.  Highly recommended.