Iona Winter - And then the Wind Came by Image supplied by Iona Winter

then the wind came

New collection of stories and poems by Dunedin Writer, Iona Winter

Launched in December 2018, this incredible collection of works by Iona Winter is available from Steele Roberts Aotearoa,

The reviews speak for themselves...

“A startling collection of stories and poems, this book’s bricolage of narratives speak of life as it truly is: complex, traumatic and ultimately celebratory. It confirms Iona Winter as a profound writer, with an original new voice.” Siobhan Harvey

“Iona Winter pays attention to the world around her, natural and unnatural, serene and violent. By turns dark, visceral and potent, here is a new voice speaking to us of things unspoken.” Tina Makereti

“A wonderful new realism, the writing is strong and clear, infused with feeling and shot through with a palpable sense of an expanded natural world. ‘then the wind came’ is a collection that will bring you back to life.” Sue Wootton

“Sensuous, salt-tinged, stained with blood, ‘then the wind came’ is a reckoning. Winter’s precise language moves the collection towards renewal, and emerges as an act of aroha.” Thom Conroy