Library visitors

Dunedin’s libraries are well-used to welcoming visitors, but we thought you might like to hear about a few of the more unusual new faces who find the library appealing.

Bella (pictured)
Mosgiel Library has become the favoured place for a most regal feline. Beautiful Bella adopted Mosgiel recently, and spends her days charming the customers and napping in various warm spots around the library. Every morning she is the first in the queue, waiting at the door for her staff to arrive. She is especially keen to see Gwen, who can always be persuaded to feed her. She has brought a new dimension to the library: customers love her and seek her out each visit. Mosgiel staff-member, Lauryn, quips:

“We're yet to interest her in CATaloguing, though” 

Book Worm?
Waikouaiti Library had a regular visit from a small bird over last summer that would fly in the main door and make itself at home. As Eryn, Waikouaiti’s Librarian, attested: 

“It didn’t seem at all distressed to find itself in the library, and for several days it appeared to be waiting for the door to open then would fly straight in as soon as it was opened!”

A-Muse the Pig
Pigs are known to be intelligent creatures so perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise when one showed up at the Blueskin Bay Library towards the end of last year. Louise Booth, Blueskin Bay Library and Service Centre Manager, says the pig created quite a stir for library patrons and staff.

“The pig was the most unusual visitor that we’ve had in a long while.” 

But the library seems to have a reputation with the local wildlife, with past visitors including dogs, cats, the odd horse, goats and alpacas. The pig was a hit with patrons, one of whom penned the following poem.

A day at Blueskin Library

3rd of August at Blueskin Library
The project is really big
Making bags to save the planet, then,
We saw the escaped pig.
Trotting around the bushes.
I was glad I was inside
The thing was quite enormous
And big enough to ride.
Louise is usually equipped
For problems such as this.
But the size of the problem
Meant she gave this one a miss.
Eventually, a gentleman came in.
He knew it shouldn't roam.
He got the pig sorted,
Then took it back home
Us ladies making bags
Had Fiona tell us how to sew.
They're good and bright and very strong.
And they’re made for you to borrow.
The refreshments were so tasty
Glenys made crackers too.
Louise made delicious banana cake
A lovely thing to do.
Then librarian, Averil, retired today.
We thank her for all the work she's done
And we hope that days ahead of her
Will bring her lots of fun.
by Lynda Peppercorn- Bassett