Wardrobe Evolution: Stitch Kitchen by Stitch Kitchen

iD Fashion: Wardrobe Evolution

Stitch Kitchen, Tuesday 12th March, 2-5pm

Presented by Stitch Kitchen in association with iD Fashion, join us for this three-hour hands-on upcycling workshop with onsite sewing machines, fabrics and notions.

Within our own wardrobes are creative opportunities to revive, adapt and update our style.

Now is the time for old favourites that no longer fit or flatter to be given the crative makeover they deserve! This workshop will give you the inspiration and practical know-how to upcycle your clothes. Bring along a few garments that need a fix, and the team from Stitch Kitchen can help you find options and get you started on your wardrobe evolution.

Cost $30 (afternoon tea included)

Tickets available via Eventbrite

Tuesday 12th March, 2pm-5pm, 4th Floor, City Library