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The latest in the New Zealand collection.

Beyond Manapouri : 50 Years of Environmental Politics in New Zealand. Catherine Knight
Knight traces the history of environmental administration in New Zealand and exposes the contradiction between growing public awareness of environmental issues and the increasing degradation of our environment.

Delicious Dunedin : Recipes and Stories From Ōtepoti. Christian Kasper
Explore Dunedin through its many wonderful eateries, from posh restaurants through to street food caravans. There are many excellent recipes reproduced throughout interspersed with lots of homespun wisdom from our local hospitality personalities.

Hardwicke Knight : Through the Lens. Hardwicke Knight, compiled by David Murray and Sean Naghibi
Some beautiful early colour photography by Hardwicke Knight, well-known local identity until he passed away in 2008, has been collected together in this volume, a collaboration between by London-based historian of photography Sean Naghibi and Hocken archivist David Murray. Most of the photographs are taken in London and the English countryside in the 1950s. This is a fantastic window on a bygone era.

In Dark Places : The Confessions of Teina Pora and an Ex-Cop’s Fight for Justice. Michael Bennett
Bennett tells the story of how Pora, 17-year-old boy at the time, was wrongly convicted for the murder of Susan Burdett and how he languished in prison for 18 years until ex-cop Tim McKinnel became interested in his case and set out to prove there had been a miscarriage of justice.

Pathway of the Birds : The Voyaging Achievements of Māori and their Polynesian Ancestors. Andrew Crowe
Andrew Crowe explores the world of the early Polynesian navigators, explaining the resources they drew on to enable one of the most expansive and rapid migrations in human history. Polynesian peoples reached and settled around 28 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean.

Return to Monte Cassino : The 2nd NZEF War Veterans Remember Italy. Maree Frewen-Wilks
Maree Frewen-Wilks, a photojournalist, travelled with veterans as they returned to the place of one of the defining battles of WWII for the 2nd NZEF, Cassino, in Italy. This book is a poignant document of that trip, featuring many historical photographs as well as Frewen-Wilks’ contemporary ones.

See No Evil : New Zealand’s betrayal of the people of West Papua. Maire Leadbeater
Indefatigable social justice activist Maire Leadbeater outlines the colonial history of West Papua and the struggle of its indigenous Melanesian inhabitants for self-determination. Leadbeater argues that, much like East Timor, New Zealand has abandoned the indigenous people to suffer a ‘slow genocide’ at the hands of the Indonesian state, as the result of its unprincipled and hypocritical foreign policy. New Zealand has prioritised its military and commercial links with Indonesia over the human rights of the West Papuan population.