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New Non Fiction for Christmas and Holiday Reading

Tuck into some great reads with these moreish books. Share this list with a friend if you want to leave a hint for your Christmas stocking.

A Cheese Monger's History of the British Isles. Ned Palmer
Cheesemonger (love the word!) Ned Palmer takes the reader on a delicious journey across Britain and Ireland and through time. If you are a cheese lover, this is the fascinating holiday book for you.

American Gardens. Monty Don
British gardening icon Monty Don takes us on a journey through the diverse gardens of the United States. Featured are lush plantation gardens in the South, prairie and desert gardens, and urban gardens such as Central Park in New York. A companion piece to the BBC television series. 

Everything that Makes Us Human: Case Notes of a Children's Brain Surgeon. Jay Jayamohan
A Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon in a busy Oxford hospital has written a raw, gripping and heart-wrenching book.

Fashion Evolution: The 250 Looks That Shaped Modern Fashion. Paula Reed
Published by the The Design Museum, designers, models and style icons from the 1950s to the 1990s are represented.

Honey and Venom: Confessions of an Urban Beekeeper. Andrew Coté
Andrew Coté maintains millions of bees atop some of New York City's most iconic buildings. He writes with wit and humour, and his passion for the honeybee really shines through.

Incredible Journeys: Exploring the Wonders of Animal Navigation. David Barrie
This well-researched book really throws light on the astounding skills of animals throughout the world. Bees, birds, dung beetles, elephants, and even humans, are covered.

The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit's Travel Adventure into the (Un)Known. Joanna Walden
New Zealander Joanna Walden takes us on a transformational journey from New York's Madison Avenue to Camino de Santiago, London, Mount Kilimanjaro and lots more places. Be prepared to be thrilled, moved and enlightened.

More Than a Woman. Caitlin Moran
The author burst on the scene 10 years ago with How To Be a WomanThis is the brutally honest and hilarious followup, from the perspective of a middle-aged woman and a mother. 

Oscar Garden: A Tale of One Man's Love of Flying. Annamaria Garden
In 1930 London Oscar Garden, having just learned to fly, bought an aeroplane and dreamed of flying to Australia. This is his fascinating story, written by his daughter. He lived in New Zealand after delivering the flying boat Awarua to Auckland in 1940.

Roman Britain and Where to Find It. Denise Allen
The Romans occupied Britain for 350 years, and remains of their structures and roads can be found in all corners of the island, from the south of England and as far north as Scotland. This guide details where to find these sites and includes a description and rating for each.

The Secret Life of Tartan: How a Cloth Shaped a Nation. Vixy Rae
Focusing on a selection of tartans, Rae evokes the history, kinship, tradition, romance, irreverence, fashion and style of this famous cloth which originated in the Scottish Highlands.

The Story of Scottish Art. Lachlan Goudie
A beautifully-illustrated showcase of 5000 years of Scottish creativity. From carved stone balls to ornamental carvings in Rosslyn chapel, the Lewis chessmen to Allan Ramsay, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Boys, Scottish art is revealed as both influenced by, and having an influence on international artists and movements.

The Unicorn Handbook: A Spellbinding Collection of Literature, Lore, Art, Recipes and Projects. Carolyn Turgeon
You can't go past this lavishly-illustrated book for everything unicorn. The Unicorn's Looking-Glass Cake recipe looks yummy - I will try that one.

The Wild Silence. Raynor Winn
Raynor's follow up to her bestselling memoir The Salt Path, where she and her husband Moth walked the South West Coast Path after finding themselves homeless. They now have a roof over their heads, Moth is attending University, her mother is dying, she begins writing The Salt Path. The publication of this book brings a reader's unexpected offer of rewilding a derelict Cornish farm.

Worn in New York: 68 Sartorial Memoirs of the City. Emily Spivack
This is a fascinating collection of stories from 68 contributors about an article of clothing that reminded them of their time in New York.