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Some great books for the Christmas list for young adults
Image by: Amanda Booth

As Old as Time. Liz Braswell

This book is part of the Twisted Tale series but it can easily be read as a standalone story. It is a re telling of the classic 'Beauty and the beast' fairy tale. Some parts of this novel are taken straight from the Disney movie version of the story however there comes a point where the tale takes an unexpected twist and a far darker plot emerges. The reader is kept guessing as to how the story will play out and the unexpected ending will surprise many. Anyone who enjoyed the original Beauty and the Beast tale will be sure to enjoy this magical adaption.

Image by: Amanda Booth

Clancy of the Overflow. Jackie French

This is the final book in the Matilda Saga, although it can be read as a stand alone story, and is based on the famous poem by Banjo Paterson. It is a love story, not just about the love between Clancy and Rose, but also between people and the land in which they live.  It is a story that addresses attitudes of racism, patriotism, class and deals with the unfairness of life. This is a story that will draw you into an earlier way of life with all the highs and lows of carving out a new life in the harsh Australian bush. If you like reading historical fiction you will be sure to enjoy this book.

Image by: Amanda Booth

All Summer Long. Hope Larson

When Bina's friend, Austin, decides to spend the school holidays at soccer camp she finds herself at a loose end. As seven long weeks stretch ahead of her she eventually finds new interests to fill her time including music and a new friend.This is a quick but interesting read about navigating friendships and growing up. If you are a fan of Raina Telgemeier then you will enjoy this graphic novel.