by Kay Mercer

Book Review: The Forever Horse

Melloney reviews the latest book by children's chapter book writer Stacy Gregg - a great Christmas gift idea for a young horse (and book!) lover

Twin threads of horses and art entwine in this wonderful story of triumph over tragedy for a young girl and the horse she wants to keep forever. The Forever Horse is the latest story by 2019 Ignition Book Festival Guest Stacy Gregg. This stand-alone children’s novel has everything we have come to expect from this talented author.

In this story, Maisie’s love of horses is expressed in her wonderful paintings. Her talent wins her an opportunity to study at a prestigious art school in Paris. Finding the art school more difficult than she expected, Maisie finds solace in her budding relationship with a beautiful black stallion called Claude.

On discovering an old diary of a famous horse artist Rose Bonifait, Maisie is inspired to find the strength to overcome the obstacles in her own life. When tragedy strikes, Maisie will need all her determination to ensure her and Claude’s own happy ending.

Personal growth and strong female characters are abundant in this novel. Stacy Gregg allows her heroine to be bright and passionate, and also the freedom to make her own mistakes. Masie then uses her intellect and heart to find the perfect solution to her problems.

Stacy Gregg has a knack of describing places and situations so that we feel as if we are right there experiencing the story with the characters. From the rich colours of the artist’s paints, to the wild feel of a storm on the Camargue, this immensely satisfying story will delight young readers.

Recommended for 9 years and up.