South Dunedin paradise  by Jill Bowie

Desert Island Books

Our castaways for this issue are the team from the newest library in our network, the South Dunedin Library. Dianne and Melloney have been the library team in South Dunedin since it was opened in 2017.

As usual our castaways have been given a virtual copy of the SAS Survival Guide and asked to choose just five books to keep them company. We have been generous for this issue and have pretended not to notice the extra books they have sneaked in!  

Dianne - Team Leader

What a great place to work, being surrounded by books! We don’t really read every book on the shelf but I do try my best to read a variety. This was a hard test - I didn’t want to miss out on my favourite authors, and there are too many to choose from sod I couldn’t pin it down to just a select few...

Truth or Dare. Fern Michaels
(Book 4 in the Men of the Sisterhood)
I loved reading the Sisterhood series, so when the men branched out I had to read them as well. Book 4 didn’t disappoint, I can’t wait for Book 5 to come out: Hot Shot.

Lake Silence. Anne Bishop
(Book 6 in the World of the Others)
I’m loving this series by Anne Bishop. I couldn’t put this book down. I’m already on the hold list for Book 7 Wild Country.

Look Alive Twenty-Five. Janet Evanovich
(Stephanie Plum series)
Who doesn’t like to read about the adventures or misadventures of Stephanie Plum? Everyone has their own vision of Stephanie, Joe Morelli, Ranger (sigh), and you can’t forget Lula. Book 25 lived up to expectationst; but all too soon I’d finished the book and now I want book 26 to be written. Hurry up Janet Evanovich!

The Spotted Dog. Kerry Greenwood
(Book 7 in the Corina Chapman series)
When this book came out it caught my eye, as I was thinking of getting it out. I decided to start at book 1 and work my way through to this one. I loved reading about Corina, her bakery (Earthly Delights) and the residents of Insula, but you can’t forget Horatio or ‘Jekyll and Heckle’- the Mouse Police.

Leopard’s Run. Christine Feehan
(Book 11 in the Leopard People series)
It was so hard to pick just one of her series, I like a few of them. But since I must, I’ll go with the Leopard People. I couldn’t put it down and returned it quickly so that the next person on the holds list didn’t have to wait too long. Book 12 “Leopard’s Wrath” is due out later this year. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.

Country Secrets
3 books in 1:
The Wildwood sisters. Mandy Magro
Secrets of Whitewater Creek. Sarah Barrie
Snowy River Man. Lizzy Chandler
Three books in one… Bonus! I’m sure it still fits in as it’s one book. I’m enjoying catching up on my Australian Outback stories and you can’t go wrong with a selection of different authors.

The Binding. Bridget Collins
I’ve been eyeing this up and would pick it just because I can. I’ve seen it on the shelf and it’s just waiting to be read. it wouldn’t take up too much room.

Melloney Meek – Library Assistant, South Dunedin Library

Seriously? Only 5 books? What a dilemma for a librarian. I’ll admit my initial list of “must have” books was 20 books long, but with much sighing and wringing of hands, I have whittled my list to 5 (or maybe 6 or 7 if the editor doesn’t notice)*. I like my nonfiction to be beautiful and my fiction to be happy.

Mythos. Stephen Fry
Engrossing, magical and vastly entertaining. All the stories from Greek mythology written in a fast-paced and engaging way. A perfect inspiration for creating my own desert island myths as I idle under the palm trees.

Ballet: The Definitive Illustrated History. Viviana Durante
Ballet is one of the loves of my life. This book is gorgeous. If I don’t know it already, I’ll find it in this book. Then I’ll dance on the sands and under the stars. After all, no one is watching, right?

Storm Cursed.Patricia Briggs
I started reading this urban fantasy author many years ago. Gorgeously fierce heroine and swoon-worthy heroes. I’ll absolutely be reading this latest instalment in the series on my sunny island. Total escapism.

Guo Pei. Couture Beyond
Amazing, amazing, amazing. Theatrical fantasy and wondrous couture from China’s fashion visionary. Leaves me breathless.

Rose Petal Summer. Katie Fforde
The first Katie Fforde book I read many years ago, was The Rose Revived. Since then I have read all her charming romances. I love a romance that is warm, funny and has a happy ever after ending.

Over My Dead BodyJune Opie
This is the only nostalgic book on my list. I read the original as a teenager and then the "40 Years On" version more recently. It is possibly the book that got me immersed in great non-fiction. An inspirational woman to inspire me as I wait for rescue.

At Home. Bill Bryson
If I decide to fashion myself a house on my island I will be able to refer to this book about how our homes came to be like they are. I devoured this fascinating book slowly so that I could enjoy each chapter.

You know, on second thoughts, I don’t think I’ll need to be rescued from this tropical island with all the books I love and all the time I need to read them.

*I DID notice, thank you. So much cheating going on this issue! [Ed.]