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New and recommended books for young adults.

Perfect. Cecelia Ahern
This fast-paced story is set in an unknown, futuristic country where there is a repressive, moralistic Guild that influences the Government and how they treat citizens. The story is written from Celestine’s point of view. She is ordinary, but brave. She is also “flawed” in the eyes of society. Through her ordeal of being branded for helping a flawed person she learns that perfection lies in accepting, even celebrating, the flaws in herself and others. She becomes an inspiration to the Flawed to stand up to the Guild using bravery compassion and logic. 
Perfect is book two of the Flawed series.

Tilly Maguire and the royal wedding. Emma Grey
Tilly is an aspiring writer who suffers from anxiety. She procures a six week internship at a prestigious London public relations firm and, despite a running catalogue of disasters, her determination and resilience carry her through to a successful finish. However along the way she meets Reuben, a pop star upon whom she has previously had an almighty crush. Tilly manages to accidentally announce to the world that Reuben is getting married and life suddenly becomes a lot more complicated. This is a quick easy read filled with drama and fun.

Face the Music. Marianne Levy
The blurb on the back of this second book about Katie Cox (overnight singing sensation) is enough to draw you in to find out why she says: “I was about to sing live to twelve and a half thousand people and each and every one of them wanted to kill me”. The back story to that statement is worth the read for its ups and downs in the life of a 14 -year-old pop star who just wants her best friend back and people to treat her like a normal person – even if that means giving up music for good. Read the first book Accidental Superstar to fully appreciate the humour and angst of this very likable character on her meteoric rise to fame.

Thanos. Barry Lyga
This story provides an entertaining and enlightening background to this Marvel villain. The reader can almost begin to feel an element of sympathy for the complex monster who is consumed by a quest for power. Thanos is determined to save his homeland, Titan, even if it means billions will die in the process. Can he be stopped?

Just don't mention it. Estelle Maskame

Tyler Bruce has a secret. A secret that haunts him, one he has to constantly distract himself from dwelling upon. As it becomes harder and harder to cope with his troubled past, Tyler finds his life spiraling out of control. Then he meets his new stepsister, Eden, who seems to see right through his tough exterior to the real, vulnerable Tyler. Will he risk trusting Eden and will that help him to heal from his past wounds? This riveting read is the fourth book in the Dimily series.

srsly Hamlet. William Shakespeare & Courtney Carbonne
To do this book justice I should really review it in phone text messages, as the book is written that way including emoticons and emojis. It is a refreshing way to read the “must read” story of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, who has many famous lines such as “To be or not to be, that is the question” (The question mark comes much later at the end of the lengthy sentence Shakespeare writes. Carbone shortens it to two numerals, two pictures of bees, a symbol, four words– and a question mark). This version is a quick, enjoyable read (if you can read texting and don’t mind a murder or two) and a great way to absorb Shakespeare’s story. Afterwards you may even be tempted to read the bard himself. Read it ASAP or have FOMO. You can’t say TL;DR. YOLO