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Latest new and recommended to hit the non-fiction shelves.

Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism? Robert Kuttner
A well-written and informative look at the history of unfettered capitalism since World War Two, resulting in the far-right populist movements of today. The solutions to our current problems presented in the book are well thought out and hopeful.

Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style. Shantrelle P Lewis.
Inspired by her brother, Lewis celebrates the sartorial exuberance of the Black Dandy - a gentleman who intentionally appropriates classical European fashion, but with an African aesthetic and sensibility.

Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Constantly Changing World. Leonard Mlodinow
A theoretical physicist who has worked as a writer on Star Trek is a force to be reckoned with!  This fascinating book is full of ideas, puzzles and philosophical musings - well worth a read.

From the Land of Nightingales and Roses: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen. Maryam Sinaiee
This lovely book by an Iranian food blogger has gorgeous, accessible recipes as well as insights into rituals, festivals and traditions of the Persian daily life.

Lab Rats: How Modern Work Makes People Miserable.  Daniel Lyons
This is an insightful and very funny look at the new business ethic, with excellent examples on how to get it right.

Mary Quant. Jenny Lister
Astute business woman and self-taught designer, Mary Quant encapsulated quintessential Swinging Sixties London. This book accompanies an exhibition showcasing her clothing and accessories for the first time in 50 years at the V&A Museum in London.

The Planthunter: Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plants. Georgina Reid
The author is a Sydney-based writer and landscape designer who emphasises the importance of  connecting  to nature. This is a beautiful book full of gorgeous photos and stories full of heart.

Saving Mona Lisa: The Battle to Protect the Louvre and its Treasures From the Nazis. Gerri Chanel
A riveting tale about the brave, cunning and determined efforts of Louvre staff during the course of World War Two, as they transported, concealed and protected the museum's great art treasures in various châteaux around France. 

Secret's of a Soldier's Wife: A True Story of Marriage, Obsession and Murder. Shanna Hogan
An award-winning journalist and bestselling author writes a chilling story of betrayal, deception and tragedy. This is the true story of a 19 year old Marine wife in Twentynine Palms, California, in 2014.

Sicilian Splendors: Discovering the Secret Places that Speak to the Heart. John Keahey
Journalist Keahey knows and loves Sicily well. His travel memoir takes the reader on a journey which investigates its history, politics and food, and ultimately he describes the soul of this very magical island.

Threads of Life: A History of the World through the Eye of a Needle. Clare Hunter
Scottish textile artist and curator Clare Hunter gives us an absorbing and moving account of the influence of needlework on events in world history. She mixes the personal with the political to great effect.

Time Song: Searching for Doggerland. Julia Blackburn
Combining memoir, archaeology and poetry, Blackburn travels back in time to re-imagine the creation, existence and loss of Mesolithic Doggerland, an expanse of fertile land connecting England with mainland Europe which is now subsumed beneath the North Sea.