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Kids' Picks

A selection of new books for children

Picture Books

Car, Car, Truck , Truck.   Katrina Charman
Sung to the tune of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” with a rhyming story all about vehicles, this story has all the elements needed to entertain young babies and toddlers. Cars, trains, buses, planes, animals and more depicted in bold colours make for great talking points. This is a fun and well put together story.

Imagine. Raúl Colón
This book is so cleverly made that the story is very easy to follow even though it has no words. Illustrated by an award winning artist, the story depicts a day in the life of a young skateboarder who visits the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His life is changed forever when some of the characters from the paintings come to life and follow him through the streets of the city. Children of all ages will enjoy this story.

Fiction 7-9

The Bookshop Girl.  Sylvia Bishop
Not being able to read has been Property’s secret since she was 5 years old. It was then that she was left in a bookshop to be found and taken in by Nettie, the owner. For the next few years they lived happily in the shop until one day they miraculously won a book emporium. This is an intriguing story accompanied by many entertaining and quirky illustrations.

The Top Secret Undercover Notes of Buttons McGinty. Rhys Darby
Buttons McGinty tells the story of his adventure at sea on the HMS Juggernaut through a series of hilarious notes and illustrations. Once aboard the ship Buttons begins to notice strange goings on and is warned by his cabin mate that no one ever returns from the voyage. Can Buttons solve the mysteries he stumbles upon? The story is fast paced and full of doodles, diagrams, maps and many witty anecdotes. A really absorbing book.

Fiction 10+

How to Win a Nobel Prize. Barry Marshall
Mary has a burning ambition: she really wants to be a nobel prize winner. When she stumbles into a room full of past nobel prize winners she can’t believe her eyes, especially as most of them are meant to have died long ago. How did they come to be there and can they help her achieve her goal? This book is a great read involving time travel adventures and also includes experiments the reader can try at home.

Moonlocket. Peter Bunzl
Infamous escapologist Jack Door has broken out of jail. The Blood Red Diamond that he stole from Queen Victoria has never been found and Jack is intent on reclaiming his booty. Intrigued with the case, Lily and her friend Robert try to find the missing crook and end up in danger as Jack involves them in a game that can only end badly.