Magnolia Cambelli by Dunedin Botanic Garden

Hort Talk: Rustic Idyll to Imperial Palace - a Year in Japan

DUNEDIN BOTANIC GARDEN Friday 2nd July, 12pm

Join us at the Dunedin Botanic Garden on Friday as our monthly talk series continues at the Information Centre next to the Croc-o-dile cafe.

July's talk is by Athol Parks of City Walks, who will share the special experience of living in a traditional Japanese home for a year and tending its beautiful garden, plus the joy of a visit to the Katsura Imperial Villa.

Friday 26th March, 12pm, Information Centre, Dunedin Botanic Garden

Free admission

Information Centre - in the lower Botanic Garden. Seating limited to 70

Event will only go ahead in Covid Alert Level 1