2019 Printer in Residence

Donald Kerr —

The 2019 Printer in Residence programme project was the hand-printing of a selected number of letters written by Charles Brasch to the editor of the ODT.

To the editor (and readers) of the ODT, Brasch wrote of his concern with Vietnam, Aramoana, the poplars in Logan Park, the spending of good money on bad art, whether the University had an architectural plan, etc. It is Brasch at his best, making social comment on things that obviously concerned him.

The letters were "discovered" by the Wellington based academic Dr Lynn Jenner; she has written the introduction.

The letters (16 in total) have been hand-printed by Dr John Holmes, Dunedin's best hand craft printer. It is illustrated by Marion Wassenaar, artist and lecturer at the Dunedin Art School.

The book took longer to hand print because of the amount of text. It is now complete, and has been bound (through the University Bindery).

The update is that it still needs a label on the front cover, and a tipped in photograph of Brasch as a frontispiece. So not fully complete, alas.

And of course the current situation means some delay in finishing these two small aspects off. Nevertheless, this book is now up on the library online shop (go to publications, and then printer in residence), and retails at $90.00 (incl gst) plus postage. A very good price, signed by printer and artist.



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Cheers to all, and to all - keep safe.