Baked Pie of Yeast Dough by Olga Chikina

Baked Pie of Yeast Dough

You can bake a pie with anything – meat, liver, fish and rice, cabbage, rice and eggs, mushrooms.

Divide the dough (sponge or straight) into two equal parts and roll each of them out to get two even layers ¾cm thick. Put the first layer on an oiled baking tray, spread out the filling on it, cover with the second layer of dough and pinch the edges of both layers. If there is some spare dough, cut it out from the edges to give the pie a rectangular shape. You can also roll all the dough out in one layer – in this case, gently sprinkle it with flour after rolling, fold in half and put on a baking tray.

You can decorate the pie with shapes made of dough. To do so, roll the dough out into a very thin layer and cut out diamonds, stars and circles; brush the underside with beaten egg and place on the pie. After that let the pie rest in a warm place for some time, brush with beaten egg, make two or three punctures with a knife for the steam to come out during baking and put in a hot oven for 25–30 minutes.

The pie is best served hot: first cut it lengthwise into two or three pieces (depending on the size of the pie) and then cut widthwise, to get pieces 4–5cm wide. Serve with butter, or caviar for fish pie. If not serving the pie hot, put it on clean paper and cover with a towel to cool gradually, in order to preserve its soft and delicate crust.

From The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food (USSR, 1944)