Harbour Cone in Cloud by David Steer


The 2016 UNESCO Creative Cities Forum revolved around food. Naturally – the host city, Ostersund, is a City of Gastronomy. Although unable to attend personally, I felt there was an opportunity – even an obligation, under the circumstances – for the Cities of Literature to pay respects to gastronomic traditions, especially those of our home regions. 

So the idea of a literary cookbook – a thank you for a wonderfully hosted forum – was conceived. A year in gestation, it is offered as a celebration of both food and literature, and the frequent relationship between the two.

Indeed, food and literature have much in common. You can enjoy either by yourself, but they are even better shared. Both can express the place they spring from, but a cultural combination can be even more exciting. Both come in a myriad of styles and purposes – to entertain, inform, satisfy, sustain or simply pass the time. How much more might be gained from combining the two – and across the cultural spectrum?

The Cities of Literature enjoy wonderful collaboration and support within the literary “family”. This “cookbook” also speaks to the potential for engagement between the UNESCO creative streams, combining different interests and supporting different creative expressions.

Our higher creative purpose, of course, is enriching and sustaining the communities these dishes and words spring from. The Cities of Literature look forward to exploring engagement with other UNESCO creative streams and other communities. Please enjoy our entrée!