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News for Year 7/8 Department

Year 7/8 Department —

Year 7 and 8 have been writing poems over the last two weeks. The students have been experimenting with a variety of poem types such as Haikus, Poems With a Twist and poems focusing on parts of speech.

7/8MK Poems

Tik Tok

Know the actions

Ready to dance

Have the app

No wifi

By Ataahua

Snow Fighting

Snow fights through tough dirt

With the break of winter storms

To welcome Winter

By Vakisha

Ice Cream

Creamy and delicious

Soft and smooth

Melts on my tongue

Treat to my mouth

By Vakisha


Small, skinny legs, squeaky

Attacks, waddles, sprints

Queen of the farm

By Paige


Chocolate is a creamy substance

Chocolate tastes like melting cotton candy

Chocolate feels soft and warm

Chocolate smells like hot chocolate

Chocolate sounds like children laughing

By Paige


A key

A driver

Ready to go

No diesel!

By Bede

Motor bike

Gear ready

Tyres checked

Bike clean

Adrenaline pumping

Ready for the long ride

No gas!

By Kayne



Always something to do

Plenty of sheep

Heifers running behind balayage

No bad days

By Josh


Vicious, speedy, cat-like

Runs, sleeps, hunts

Death wherever they go!

By Lilly

The Hunt

Keen, interested

Ready for the prey

Ready to attack

Twitchy, impatient, waiting

No pigs!

By Lilly

Whaling Winds

The howling winds cried

The whistling wind deafened me

Leaves swirled on the ground

By Hannah


Colourful and fun

Small, melting

Sugary and delicious

Sweet bursts of colour

By Hannah


Blue is the waves on the sea

Blue is the calm sky drifting

Blue is the colour of the Highlanders tops

Blue is the echo in the day of stillness

By Deegan


Nimble, alert, lively

Frolics, gallops, leaps

Races down the track

By Ashley H

Ice Hockey

Putting my skates on

Getting excited

Putting on my helmet

Grabbing my stick

No puck!

By Ashley H


Majestic, silver, vicious

Hunts, tracks, attacks

Queen of the moon

By Juliet


Blue is the vast ocean

Blue is the open sky

Blue is the water in the pool

Blue is the feeling I get when I’m sad

By Juliet

7/8WR Poems


Chocolate is rich brown or white

Chocolate is tasty cocoay or creamy

Chocolate smells like rich cocoa

Chocolate sounds like a crackling noise

Chocolate feels smooth or gooey

By Kacey


Daffodils look dark yellow and light orange with a nice green stalk

Daffodils taste bitter

Daffodils smell sweet like pollen

Daffodils sound like little fairies hidden in them flapping their wings

Daffodils feel smooth and soft

By Greta


Big and curvy

Squashy, mashy

Tastes sweet

Appealing when cut

By Kate


Wool socks

Shining socks

Tense and ready

Getting ready

No snow!

By Yasmin