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Haiku Poem's

Kirsty McLachlan —

Year 7 & 8 students have been working on a Poetry unit this term. Here are some of their Haiku poems they have written. Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry.


Monkeys climbing trees

Monkeys jumping vine to vine

Monkeys very brown

By Monique Pullyn


Briskly cold mornings

Colours changing in gullies

Leaves float in breeze

By Jessica Hunter


Flowing through the air.

Dazzling colours within trees.

Time fades to winter.

By Heath McAra

Starry dark night sky

Beautiful starry lights in sky

Lighting the dark sky

By Aiden Burrow

The Ranger

Looks over the town.

He puts criminals in jail.

He is protective.

By William Newton

Summer Days

Sun rising early

Having fun while you’re boating.

Lotion on my burns

By Maddi Cooper

Sun Rises

Golden glow arose.

Sun rises majestically.

Smiling with my friends.

By Ciara Clark

The Roar

Big red stags roaring

The sound of antlers clashing

Stags chasing their hinds

By Logan Te Huia

Beautiful night

Big bright moon blanket of stars

Hooting of the owls.

By Falco Hurrell


Opening of life

Covered by crimson garments

Song of sweet clean love

By Levi Downey


Animals grazing

Jumping, galloping, dreaming

In the glazing sun

By Kelsea Steel


Tall as a giraffe

Poking and pointing at me

Leaves drifting away

By Kelsea Steel

The lake’s breeze

A swift breeze passing,

The deep blue water dancing

In the starry night.

By Lucy Mackenzie


Racing down windows

Water sprinkles from the sky

Sliding in the mud

By Sophie Hutcheson

Winter Days

Snow falls from the sky

Covering the mountain tops

Snowmen everywhere

By Maddi Cooper


Berries of light crimson,leaves of forest green,covered up in christmas snow,like no ones ever seen.Spikes like sewing needles,Berries like bouncy balls,This is the kind of plant you'd use to deck the halls.I begin with an H,and end with a Y.I'm a great christmas symbol,soon you'll see why.My bush creates great hedges, an amazing plant I'll be,My biggest fans are Robins,I'm Holly can't you see.

By Grace Jackson