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Maths Department - May 2023

Malcolm Wilson —

There’s lots of Maths for our students to sink their teeth into at the moment.

We have the Maths Challenge problems that I emailed to everyone on Monday, (there are spare hard copies of these in the office and in my room - A16). Correct answers with working shown will get a prize. Also it will get you an entry into a bigger prize draw at the end of the term. Last term Kelsea and Addisyn were the winners of the prize draw and scored packets of chocolate Easter eggs. Here is a screenshot of one of the questions.

Image by: Kylie Scott

Also we have regular Education Perfect homework for Year 9 and 10 and Maths Buddy homework for Year 7 and 8.

And we have preparation work for NCEA Math internal assessment tasks for Year 11-13, the Year 12 assessment task is this week and the Year 13 task next week. The students have been given lots of practice tasks to help fine tune their skills so they can score their best possible result on the day.

Coming up is the annual Education Perfect Math Championship competition which is open to any student who has an Education Perfect account. All Year 9&10 students and most of the Year 11 students have an Education Perfect account and will be able to access the competition automatically once it starts.

Image by: Kylie Scott

M Wilson HOD Mathematics