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The Virus

Kirsty McLachlan —

The following story was written by Paige Walker, aged 12, using the style created by Dr Seuss. It is aimed at young students.

It just turned May and it happened yesterday,

A huge world sickness is on the way.

Dunsville is a small and loud town,

But in nightfall there's not so much a sound.

Passing through the forest where the old man sits, there's a little bit of a clearing where Con the Virus spits.

No one likes Con the Virus because he makes people sick,

Be very, very careful with his new trick.

Con went for a walk and coughed on Derk.

The next day that Derk sneezed on Clerk who coughed on Murck who sneezed on Burk….

No one realised what was wrong,

Until the coughing and sneezing went on and on.

The Mayor started to have a concern,

What was going on he needed to learn.

He questioned everybody he knew

To get information about this flu.

The Mayor started to get an idea,

“Into lockdown,” he yelled at Maria.

The people of Dunsville started to panic,

So they got all clingy and over dramatic.

The Mayor is looking for the best doctor in town.

They found a cure, it was the best around.

Con got given the virus cure

And he chugged it down with a glass of manure.

Con began to feel very faint

And started to dry up like a pail of wet paint

The virus was gone, the town was on track

But little do they know that Con could come back.

If Con comes back and brings back the flu,

The people of Dunsville now know what to do!