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Kate O'Connell —

The three senior Outdoor Education students have had three days in Naseby this week, completing Mountain Biking assessments.

They were super lucky to get some mild winter weather but did have the added challenge of endeavouring to bike on snow and ice on several of the trails around the forest. This led to a few epic spills, including the teachers (!) but luckily no injuries just lots of laughs from this hardy crew! 

We covered over 40km of trails through and around the Naseby forest and finished with a scenic cycle along part of the rail trail between Kokonga and Hyde. After having a look around, it is hoped that the trip can be expanded to include some of the other unique winter experiences that Naseby offers such as Luging & Curling. 

But for now, the students are happy to have their lungs full of fresh air, a sore ‘bikers’ butt and the sense of achievement that comes from pushing yourself beyond your limits in the outdoors!