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Te Ahi Ora - Fire Spinning

Marcus Cooper —

An amazing opportunity for our Year 7-10 students on the 22nd of September.

The Aotearoa Community Wellbeing Trust are excited to announce our 2022 programme: “Te Ahi Ora”.

This programme introduces an exciting new community activity - Fire Spinning. Fire Spinning sits at the crossroads of extreme sports and the performing arts, combining the best of both worlds.

We are excited to be working alongside East Otago High School on September 22nd, teaching non-fire lessons to students during the school day, providing new ways for them to learn and connect with each other.

Thanks to Creative New Zealand, we are able to provide Te Ahi Ora to your community free of charge.

Te Ahi Ora has 5 main goals:

  1. Engage students and staff in challenging and rewarding physical activity
  2. Enhance self-confidence, explorative play, and creative expression
  3. Provide inspiration and learning pathways for further growth
  4. Bring the community together to connect and celebrate
  5. Combat digital addiction and screen dependence

In the evening of September 22nd, from 6-7pm we will be Performing and Teaching with Fire at the school field, all school students, staff, and families are invited.

We highly encourage parents to come along and watch your kids perform, and even to learn alongside them. This is a pivotal part of the programme, where kids get to put their lessons throughout the day into play with the real deal.

On Saturday the 24th, 6-7pm, we will be hosting an additional evening performance at Friendly Bay, which will be open to all members of the Waitaki community, bringing together local schools and families.

Although Fire Performance may sound dangerous at first, with the right safety systems in place, it is just as safe as any traditional sport - and in some cases even safer. Thanks to our health and safety systems, we have never had an injury more significant than minor bruises, and few of those.

It is important that you and your children wear natural fibers to these evening sessions, such as high % cotton, denim, even leather. This clothing may get small amounts of soot on it, so don't wear brand new or dear clothing. Anyone wearing synthetic fibers such as high % polypropylene or any similar blend will not be allowed to spin fire. No tutus, no onesies, etc. We recommend bringing fold out camping chairs/some form of seating, and water bottles to the evening performances. More details over on the Facebook event.

We will be coming back regularly to host more workshops and performances, as well as starting local practice and performance clubs through the school. Club membership will be 2$ per week - which gives you access to shared group practice and performance equipment, online tutorials, and discounts on equipment and future events. We will also be looking to create parent clubs - so keen parents can get involved too, and continue learning together.

Please head over to fill out our permission form to confirm your child's participation in Te Ahi Ora 2022. Please sign out the form for each participating child, and please send them to school with a mask on the day, as we do require mask wearing for participation.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for your time and consideration, we look forward to having a great time with your community.

Levi Cunniffe