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Year 7/8 students visit Orokonui Ecosanctuary

Dr McIntyre —

The Year 7 and 8 Science classes have been learning about Predator free NZ 2050

This week all three classes are going to learn more about Predator Free NZ by visiting Orokonui Ecosanctuary.

Today, the Year 7/8 CW class travelled down to Orokonui, where Tahu McKenzie and her team welcomed the students before we explored the Ecosanctuary. 

Some highlights included seeing a 30 year old Tuatara, he looked so majestic basking in the sun. There are around 80 Tuatara living wild within the ecosanctuary, but we had the opportunity to see one up close in a protective enclosure. We also experienced being up close and watching South Island Black Robins, Kaka, Tui and Bellbirds playing, drinking and eating at the feeding stations. 

While some students got a glimpse of the Takahe and their chicks. Some students got to make poo seed bombs and throw them into the forest, taste and smell some leaves! It was a very worthwhile trip to a very special place; everyone enjoyed visiting the ecosanctuary and learnt something new! 

Many students thought that Maia (Park Ranger) and Taylor and Tahu (ecosanctuary educators and guides) all have very interesting jobs.