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North Otago Mathletics Competition 2022

Grace Jackson —

On Wednesday the 28th of September, Sophie, Bella, Lucy, Maddi, Fipe, Indie, Jay-T and I went to Oamaru for a Mathletics competition. Fipe, Indie, Jay-T and I were team ‘EOHS A’, and Sophie, Bella, Lucy and Maddi were ‘EOHS B’. We had to go to St. Kevin’s College for the competition, and our school was one of the first schools to arrive. Mr Walker drove us there and back in a EOHS School Van.

There were 12 teams in total, which meant that each of our teams would be competing against 44 other people. There were people from Oamaru schools, Weston Primary School, Duntroon Primary School, Five Forks Primary School and a few other places.

Once we had gotten our directions from the person who was running the competition, we got told there were 20 questions that we had to work out. The team at the end of 30 minutes who had the most correct answers, was the winner. My team got up to question 14, and we tied for 5th place. The other team got up to question 8, and they got 10th place. The winning team, Oamaru Intermediate, got every single question right and they also finished all 20 questions. I enjoyed going to the Mathletics competition because even though we didn’t win, it was a great learning experience for me and it was an opportunity to compete against other schools in a maths competition. Overall, it was just really fun.

By Grace Jackson.