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Term Three for Year 7/8 students

Kirsty McLachlan —

Hope you enjoy these images of our students in class for the start of Term Three.

This is a Year 7/8 Digital Technology class who are working on programming Microbit boards. Students are working through a number of programming challenges using Makecode on their Chromebooks. The Microbit boards are connected to their Chromebooks, hence when they have completed a code set, it is downloaded to the Microbit. Students have been creating a number of skill and chance games, dice, compasses, stopwatch etc. This is the beginning of a module that will move into robotics.

Year 7 & 8 Science are currently working on the topic of Matter. The class has been completing a variety of experiments which have included, learning about the states of matter, the differences between physical and chemical change. More recently we have been investigating the properties of mixtures and the effects dissolving, filtration and evaporation can have on it.