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Open Day 2021

Marcus Cooper —

The Open Day for Year 6-8 students at EOHS is now on Monday the 23rd of August.

Please note this is a date change from that advertised in the East Otago Review.

To all parents/caregivers of Year 6 or Year 8 students from contributing schools in the East Otago High School area.

We would like to invite the students from our contributing schools to East Otago High School on the 23rd of August to participate in our annual Open Day. As you can see from the schedule below it would involve your Year 6 or Year 8 students spending the day at our school experiencing a day in the life of an EOHS student.

Transport will be provided, to and from their school.

  • 8:50am Meet at the DG Murray Hall. The students will be doing some physical activities in the hall and will need to be wearing sports shoes.

  • 09:50am - 10:50am Half the group will be doing woodwork and the other half will be cooking.

  • 10:50am - 11:15am Morning break.

  • 11.15am - 12:10pm Woodwork and cooking.

  • 12:10pm - 1:05pm Science

  • 1:05pm - 1:50pm Lunchtime. There will be sausages, bread and tomato sauce supplied (students can bring extra food) and they will also need a drink bottle.

  • 1.50pm - 2.10pm All Year 6/8 students to go to the hall to listen to the choir and the Kapa haka group before going home.

  • 2.15pm Buses will leave to return students back to their schools.

  • 6pm Open Evening.

At 6pm there will be an opportunity for parents to come in with their students to have a look around the school together, meet their potential teachers and discuss the learning opportunities at East Otago High School.

If you cannot come to this meeting but would like information about our Year 7 and 8 programme please do not hesitate to ring school if there is anything you might want to know.

We hope your child enjoys the day we have planned for them.


Marcus Cooper


East Otago High School

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