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Ms Guile —

There is an opportunity for students to enrol in a degree to become Anaesthetic Technicians that has started this year that may be of interest to students looking at their options for next year. Previously you had to study by correspondence and undertake training on the job. Now this has been elevated to a 3 year degree with some time spent in the hospitals as part of the training.

An Anaesthetic Technician career is a great choice to work in healthcare. You work alongside Anaesthetists and Nurses and assist in the operating theatres. There are opportunities across New Zealand and you can also take this career overseas.

Te Whatu Ora/Health NZ Southern are offering scholarships to assist students to go and study to become an Anaesthetic Technician and provide some financial support to their study, with the opportunity to work during University holidays and also a job upon completion of studies.

There is some more information on the career choice Anaesthetic Technician (careers.govt.nz)

There is some more information on the new course on a webinar on Tuesday 9 May, 1830-1930.

AUT website: Find a future in Perioperative Practice (Webinar) - 2023 Events - AUT

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Are you interested in a health career in operating theatre patient care?

Join AUTs Perioperative Practice Webinar to learn more about the role of an anaesthetic technician and have your questions answered by industry professionals. You’ll also find out important information about the Perioperative Practice major as part of the Bachelor of Health Science at AUT.

The programme of study includes online learning options, meaning you can study course content online from outside of Auckland, and access clinical placement experiences in real-life settings with a hospital provider, as close to your preferred location as possible!

If you have any questions or would like further information about the scholarships or following the webinars if students have an interest and would like to talk to some of our Anaesthetic Technicians please contact me.

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