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Year 9/10 Science Modules Semester One

Dr Helen McIntyre —

There are three very interesting Science modules for Year 9 and 10 students running for Semester One.

The students in Mr Walker’s class, in the Paddock to Plant (Agriculture) model, are in the middle of a research task which includes creating a website to promote a Commercial Farming Industry in New Zealand. Students have chosen a range of topics from Apiculture to Aquaculture and a variety of topics in between. Students are thoroughly enjoying the challenge of learning about a topic and developing a website which could be used to promote the industry in the future.

Dr McIntyre’s class are doing the Human Machine module, where students have been learning lots about the human body systems This has included lots of different experiments, such as carrying out chemical tests on different foods, looking at enzyme activity by making elephant toothpaste and doing a dissection of a chicken leg to look more closely at muscles and lots more.

In Mr Bird’s class, students have launched off to a fantastic start in the Year 9 and 10 Rocket Lab module. So far students have learned about the conditions on Mars and designed our own habitats to live in on Mars. They have also completed a group challenge on Minecraft to see which teams could best survive on another planet. The rocketeers have also successfully launched the demonstration model rocket from the launch pad (the school field). Students (working in pairs) have now selected a rocket design and have built a model rocket and are doing the modelling work required before they launch their rockets.