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Kia ora koutou

With the announcement from the Prime Minister tonight that Auckland will be moving to Covid-19 Alert Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand to Alert Level 2 in response to a community outbreak the following information outlines some of our guidelines as we head to school tomorrow:


  • Unwell children and adults are not to enter the school.

  • Parents are encouraged to drop their children at the main gates - Cemetery Road entrances and school carpark gate entrance. There will be a staff member monitoring entry at each gate. Gates from the field will be locked.

  • The name of any parent who comes onto the school site will be recorded - to enable contact tracing.

  • Children are NOT to arrive at school BEFORE 8:30am (unless they are attending Kelly Club). If bus children arrive before 8:30am they will head straight to their classroom.

  • Children must go to their classroom upon arriving at school. They can then stay in class, or play in a designated before school play area - teachers will inform children of where these are.

  • Some children may be anxious or reluctant to leave parents at the gate. If this is the case, parents may bring their child to the classroom door, do the hand over, and then leave the school promptly.

  • Children who show signs of sickness will be sent home.

  • Latecomers are to head straight to the office

  • Kelly Club staff will notify you of their safe arrival and departure process


  • It is unreasonable to expect children to maintain a safe distance from each other and from the teachers 24/7.

  • We will do our best to educate the children that for the time being, closeness could spread sickness but we will not police this unreasonably.

  • The classroom should operate as normal with the following exceptions:

  • Children will line up outside the classroom after interval and break times and after being anywhere else in the school - e.g. library, CRT, etc

  • Hand sanitising or washing at the beginning and end of each session is essential. Such practices should also happen when the children use other areas in the school such as the Owhiro Centre, the playground and the library.

  • Teachers will ensure there is a supply of hand sanitiser, soap, tissues available in their classroom. Surface will be cleaned with disinfectant regularly during the day.

  • Each child will need a named drink bottle - no drinking fountains to be used

  • No sharing of stationery - each child needs to have named pens, pencils, glue sticks

  • Children are to use hand sanitiser as they enter their classroom


  • We need to keep a record of all we come in contact with.

  • Visitors will be discouraged to visit school in the meantime. They will be asked if possible to use the phone or email to communicate with school staff.


  • School buses will be running as normal

  • When bus children arrive at school they will go straight to their classrooms

  • If there are any changes to bus arrangements for your child please contact the office

Ngā mihi nui

Jennifer Horgan