by Katrina Ferguson

Year 8 Ako

8Ako Options Rotations launched

As part of 8Ako learning this year, the students will take part in a rotation with their Hapori class on Thursday and Friday Period 5. There are four options in the rotation, and all students will do all four (one per term). Our aim in offering this learning experience is to enhance our students’ curiosity, problem solving skills and creativity, studying a topic that may be new to them.

Mrs Preston has started a Science Unit, where the students have been learning about circuits. They had a blast last week and will be extending their learning further in the next few weeks. Miss Martin is leading her students on a STEM adventure (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) where they are designing and making a marble run or a roller coaster. Ms Jenkins is taking the students on a journey around the world in the student’s own personally designed jet, studying the culture, the language, the food and the sports in a range of countries chosen by the class. Mr Mower is using his passion and skills for photography to help students to explore well being and gratitude via digital photography and graphic design. Please be sure to check in with your tamariki to ask them about how they are enjoying their options.

Please help us to deliver wonderful learning experiences to our students by encouraging your child to have the right gear at school every day - a fully charged device, a pen, pencil and ruler, a named drink bottle and a healthy morning tea and lunch. We have noticed that many of our 8Ako students do not eat breakfast which leads to them running low on energy by Period 2. We would really appreciate it if you could encourage your child to eat breakfast so that they are set up for the school day.