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Bus Update

Dean Mower —

With the start of a new year we have the inevitable teething problems to sort out regarding the buses.

Our main focus for the first few weeks is to ensure the students get picked up and then later in the day dropped off (hopefully in the same place they were picked up from earlier in the day).We are going to carry out a ‘survey’ of numbers travelling on each bus over the next two weeks and may have to make a few adjustments to which routes some students travel on in order to spread the load. In the past this has mainly affected the Southbridge and Dunsandel routes. 

These routes are also under pressure at the moment as the bus company is waiting to bring in 2 more drivers (they are currently awaiting their P endorsements) and until they come on board we are doubling up some of the runs. 

As the information for each route is collected I will look at the routes and if I feel changes need to be made; will call a meeting of the routes and ask for volunteers to switch routes.

By Week 6, hopefully any changes will have been made and students will be asked to stick to the bus they are allotted (unless they have a very good reason to change – when they should inform their driver and myself).

During our morning meetings I have reminded students about the following:

1. Expected Behaviours – buses are an extension of the classroom and the behaviour on them would be the same expectation as if they were in a classroom. Any exceptions and they will be putting their bus privileges at risk.2. Walking across/waiting in the bus bay – due to Health and Safety concerns students wereasked not to cross the bus bay (behind the buses) to get to their buses parked on the roadstops but to instead use the footpaths. These may seem like minor requests but its really toensure that there are no unfortunate accidents in the future.3. Eating and drinking on the buses (including chewing gum) – according to Ministry guidelines there is to be no eating or drinking during bus runs. The drivers may allow students at times the opportunity to have a drink and snack (especially on the longer runs) but it would always be on the understanding the bus is left clean and tidy and at the drivers discretion.

Hopefully we have a trouble free year and people will be happy with the service provided. If you have any queries at all don’t hesitate to email me on mowerd@ellesmere.school.nz. 

I will endeavour to get back to you asap.

Ka kite anoMr Dean Mower