by Katrina Ferguson

PST Goal Setting Conferences

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February - for years 8-13 students.

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As part of our Academic Mentoring and Hapori Programme we would like to invite you to attend a 20 minute Parent-Student-Teacher Conference to talk with your child’s Hapori teacher. We would like to talk with you and your child about:

  • Goals for the future

  • Support for learning at school and at home

  • Academic achievement

  • How we can work in partnership with each other

Educational research strongly supports the involvement of parents and families/whānau in a student’s education as a major factor in educational achievement. In fact, the Ministry of Education’s “Best Evidence Synthesis” research says that this can account for 40% to 65% of achievement. Students will be required to self-report against the goals they set themselves as the year progresses.

We believe that this meeting will allow you and the College to work together to help build educationally powerful partnerships to support your child’s achievement and we appreciate your efforts in coming in for your appointment. As part of a wider community consultation, your child's Hapori teacher will also discuss with you your aspirations for your son/daughter.

Over the past few years we have had to cancel the Goal-Setting PST Conferences due to Covid and staff are looking forward to being able to meet with parents/whānau face-to-face. In order to be able to facilitate these conversations (some staff have 25-30 conferences to facilitate), and due to some constraints in the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement, the following arrangements will need to occur:

THURSDAY: School will finish at the end of Period 4 (1.30pm) and College Controlled buses will leave soon after. Primary controlled bus students will need to be collected earlier, or wait until normal finish time.

FRIDAY: There will be NO SCHEDULED CLASSES on this day. And no buses will be running. Students who are unable to learn from home, can work in the EC School Library.