The Junior Debating Team with supporting teachers: (l-r) Sarah Henricksen-Healey (Teacher), Rebecca Clare, Corey Prendergast-Baxter, Jessica Titchiner, Mercedes Murdoch-Pike (Teacher) by Tim Atkinson

Fraser's Junior Debating Team Debate With Confidence

Fraser’s new debating club recently took a brave step and entered our Year 10 team into the Waikato Regional Debating competition. This was a one day event where Fraser’s team competed in three rounds against the best teams from the Waikato area.

This was their first ever experience debating and they took this challenge with enthusiasm. They were expected to speak for 8 minutes each and they only had 30 minutes to prepare for rounds 2 and 3. Fraser might have only won one debate (by default); however, they certainly won with their style during the day which showed confidence and humour that was unique to Fraser.

Our team showed that they are going to go the distance as they had a strong desire to persevere and were excited about the feedback they received from the adjudicators. Rebecca was our first speaker and showed some attitude that made her an incredibly engaging debater. Jessica spoke second, with some unexpected points that certainly threw the other teams. Corey was our third speaker, who was there to argue against all of the other team’s points and he improved the most between the three debates.

We are very proud of our Fraser team, and it was noted that we had the most supporters during the day, with family coming to watch as well as some of our senior team members. We look forward to seeing how our Debaters grow over the year as they enter more competitions.