by Tim Atkinson

An Enjoyable Day Had at Swimming Sports

Fraser High School held their annual swimming sports in March, which was held at Waterworld. On the day there were many different races for the competitive and non-competitive students to compete in.

Throughout the day there was a lot of House group spirit, supporting everyone who gave it a go for fun or to race seriously. For the competitive races there were four main students collecting house points, Olly Yates, Victoria Knuckey, Lily Davey and Ella Kennedy.

Splashing and swimming continued all through the day somehow ending up with three teachers in the pool enjoying the fresh cool water. Red, green, blue, yellow and black filled the stands, as well as the loud echo of all the students and teachers support. Some of the main events that had a lot of swimmers were freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and even butterfly was given a go by people who had never tried it before, which ended up in a hilarious show for everyone else to enjoy.

One of the most popular races on the day was the underwater race which became very competitive as people slowly made the whole lap under water. Eight people made it to the final which ended up being won by Ella Kennedy doing one-and-a-half laps underwater.

By the end of the day everyone was exhausted and ready to go home, after having a great day at the pools, racing and having fun with friends.