by Rueben Martin

Fun and Competition on Athletics Day

A day in the sun, a cooling breeze and lots of red smiling faces. Sweat and laughter everywhere while events were all action. All the House colours, red, blue, green, yellow and black and white surrounded the place.

People were dressed from casual shorts and top to costumes with tutus, taking many happy and funny photos with friends. A smell of fresh hot pies, fizzy drinks and lots of candy travelled through nostrils of the pupils that were there on Thursday, 21st February, 2019.

Through the speaker they called juniors and seniors for the various activities such as, long jump, shot put, gumboot throwing and many more. There was lots of music, and hundreds of Fraser students and staff. The teachers even got into the spirit by dressing in their House colours and cheering for students in their House on the side. Teachers guarded any of the areas that students could escape by, sitting in chairs under the hot sun and keeping students in line with a fence made of tape and stands.

People wore sun safe accessories such as hats, sunglasses and all had the glossy glow of sunblock on their skin.

This was Athletics Day at Fraser High.