by Tim Atkinson

A Different Start to the Year in 2019

Me ka moemoeaa ahau           If I am to dream
Ko au anake                               I dream alone
Me ka moemoeaa e taatou    If we all dream together
Ka taea e taatou                      Then we will achieve
                                                                                         - Te Puea Herangi

Kia ora taatou,
Ngaa mihi o te tau hou.    New Year’s Greetings to everyone.

This year we started the year differently, by spending more time with our senior students, ensuring that their learning pathways were appropriately aligned to their learning goals for the 2019 and beyond. The staff embarked on a follow up of the academic counselling that occurred at the end of last year with our seniors.

The Year 9s, our peepee or teina, spent an entire day settling into Fraser, being cared for and supported by, not only the staff, but also the senior student leaders.

The Year 9s had the entire school to themselves to learn more about how to get around our school, with a bit more ease and confidence.

On Thursday 7 February, we embraced our entire student body. The first day of the school year with all our students, and it was wonderful to see them excited, to see and catch up with each other and their teachers.

In the whole school assembly, students were given the first of many key messages to begin their first day:

  • Please be kind to each other, and help each other to settle into Fraser.
  •  Give new people the right information they need to feel a sense of belonging and looked after.
  • Be inclusive not exclusive.
  • A respectful, friendly and kind word goes a long way, to making someone’s day.

Enjoy your first days together.

Begin with LEAD -- Learn, Engage, Respect and Succeed.

I want to assure parents that one of our main concerns in the first month of school is to wrap support around our students, to help them settle back into school. This means we want to inform students where they may access help now and throughout the year. For example, our fabulous senior student leaders, the Year 13s, the student leadership councils (Hei Taniwha, Aiga Tasi, Senior, Sports, and the Principal’s Advisory Forum), our wonderful Well-Being Centre managed by Mrs Wihongi and her team, the Leaders of Curriculum, the Deans and the Deputy Principals, to name but a few.

Your child’s subject teachers and Group Teacher are the most important points of contact with the school; and will be one of the strongest advocates for your child.

At Fraser, the staff and I look forward to meeting the parents and whaanau, and we hope you’re able to attend as many of the functions we have planned to talk to you about your child and how we can work together to help your child learn and achieve.

Ngaa mihi
Virginia Crawford, Principal