by Tim Atkinson

A New Year Begins

Wednesday, 30th of January 2019, was a most dreadful day for Fraser’s senior students; The thought of returning to school had become a reality.

Anxious, excited and ready to start the school year, the Years' 11,12 & 13 students gathered in the school gym early on the Wednesday morning for their first assembly back at school, giving an opportunity to our Principal, Mrs Crawford, to speak and motivate the students, preparing them for the year ahead.

On the first day (among other activities), all the seniors were asked to gather on the school field for a photo. As both students and staff sat on the freshly mown grass in the scorching sun they waited. Mr Tan’s voice then boomed over a megaphone asking the crowd to smile, wave and pull funny faces, announcing the photo would be taken via a drone. As it whizzed left and right, many students couldn’t help but point and stare at it. After a few shots were taken, the students were taken back to group class to plan goals for 2019, and then eventually released to go home. Bringing a close to the students first day back.