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Success for Students in Waikato Culinary Fare

On Thursday, 4 July 2019, a small group of students from Fraser High School took part in the Waikato Culinary Fare.

This is an event that has been running for the past 15 years, hosted by the Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) and comprises of a two-day cookery competition across a variety of cookery disciplines.

Three students from Fraser High School took part in this competition, competing in the Mystery Box section. Lynette Patterson and AJ Walker, supported by Jesse Gibbeson, were tasked with creating their own recipe based upon a selection of ingredients that were deliberately kept secret from them until just before the competition started.

About half an hour before the competition was due to begin, all competitors were called into the restaurant area to receive a list of the ingredients they were to be provided with. It was wonderful to see them, professionally attired in full chef’s uniforms, fully focused on the task of creatively designing a dish that could incorporate some of these ingredients, that would be both nutritionally balanced and attractively presented.

At the commencement of the competition, all competitors were led into the kitchen area – a massive commercial kitchen – where they were assigned their kitchen station and their Mystery Box containing their mystery ingredients. They quickly set to work, organizing their workspace and ensuring that all equipment and ingredients were selected and ready for use – a practice we call “mise-en-place”.

Across four heats, each comprising teams from 9 – 10 secondary schools, the Fraser High School team were noted as one of the top teams, eventually being awarded Bronze Medals and certificates of congratulations from the judges. (One judge confided to me that they had been adjudged among the top three schools in their heat.)

We warmly and heartily congratulate our students for their fantastic efforts and note that they have also created a growing interest among Fraser High School students to compete in the Waikato Culinary Fare again in 2020.