Phoenix with guest speaker, Katelyn Choe, the US Consulate General to New Zealand. by Supplied

Tumeke Enterprise Youth Summit and Youth Awards

During the first week of the July school holidays, I had the profound privilege to host a group of rangatahi at the Tumeke Enterprise Youth Summit and Youth Awards 2019 in Tokoroa, South Waikato.

Amongst this group of rangatahi was Phoenix Te Whau from Fraser High School. 

Phoenix illustrated great leadership and determination to learning how to become a better and more disruptive leader, he met new friends and had access to 16 top business, cultural, community and political leaders such as Dr Lance O’Sullivan, Deputy Police Commissioner- Jevon McSkimming, US Consulate General- Katelyn Choe and Queens Young Leader Recipient- Ezekiel Raui.

On a more personal note, Phoenix is amazing. He is a bright and talented young man who has massive potential to change the world.

It was a real honour to host Phoenix, and I look forward to staying in touch with him as I support his future endeavours.