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A visit to the Hamilton Jamia Masjid (Mosque) in Claudelands

On Monday 18 March, three days after the crisis in Christchurch occurred, myself along with Mrs Crawford, and the four Head Students; Maria, Mihirangi, Halavaka and Samuel, went to the Hamilton Jamia Masjid (Mosque), in Claudelands, to pay our own, and the school's respects and support, for the Christchurch Muslim terrorism victims.

Earlier on that day, the Head Students had organised locations around the school for students to pay their respects, by writing messages on cards, which provided love, support and comfort, from our Fraser students towards our loving Muslim community. These cards were then delivered by us on Monday afternoon.

When walking towards the Mosque, we had been greeted several times by beautiful and kind people, in such a respectful way,  After we had been greeted, one of the leaders of the Mosque invited us inside. As we entered the Mosque, the leader taught us some interesting and important points about their own culture, which we could connect to many other cultures.

The Muslim community treated us so respectfully, making us feel comfortable and safe, in their house of peace, love and worship. They were role models of a dignified culture of humanitarian kindness.

It was an honour being able to go to the Mosque.