by Samuel Tan

Fraser High School Excellence Breakfast Celebration

‘Starting strong’ was the challenge that we set our students at the beginning of year, aiming to achieve Excellence results in their first NCEA assessments (by Week 2, Term 2).

We are extremely proud of the number of students that rose to the occasion and we celebrated their hard work with two Excellence breakfast celebrations with these students and their whaanau. Excellence grades have been achieved in PE, Biology, Drama, Geography, Dance, Health, Math, Physics, English, Music, Home Economics, Accounting, Digital Technology, Chemistry, Legal Studies…. And the list goes on! Some students have received one Excellent result, others, two, three or more!
Students’ have been supported in achieving this goal through both their subject and advisory classes; setting goals for their academic achievement, looking at excellence exemplars, finding tutorial videos and websites and in some cases looking at time management!