by Tim Atkinson

A NIGHT AT THE FRASEUM: a showcase of student talent!

Over 75 students across all year levels performed on the Clarence Street Theatre stage showcasing Fraser’s Performing Arts flair.

Audiences were entertained by students’ singing, dancing, choreography, musicianship, acting, humour, stage presence and enthusiasm over the four nights, with a sold-out audience and standing ovation on closing night!

Comments from the students

The production was a cultural experience I’ll never forget. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a performance which showcased the diversity of Fraser, my school, which I am a proud student of. Being part of the Hawaiian section was a very new and especially exciting experience for me. It was hands down my favourite performance. My fellow performers created such a welcoming family, where I created new friendships, and reconnected old ones. A Night at the Fraseum is definitely going to be the highlight of my last year at school. – Xanthe Buchan, Year 13

For me, production was an opportunity to meet new people and get back on stage. I have always loved performing so I jumped at the chance to be a part of something like the school production. As a bonus, I made many new friends and learnt about new cultures and dance styles. The production was an amazing opportunity for students to learn new skills in an exciting and welcoming environment. – Mackenzie Hoskin, Year 12

Production was like getting adopted into another family with different bits and pieces that made a priceless puzzle. It was my home, my whaanau, my passion, as well as a place to be myself and show what I’m capable of. Now that it’s over I miss being on that stage with all those beautiful human beings! I am missing all the support, the excitement and especially the fun and energy!     – Jenna Williams, Year 10

It was a great opportunity to be a part of the Night at the Fraseum production cast. I really enjoyed sharing my culture with everyone, and hearing the audience support us at each show.
 - Mosiah Smith, Year 13

I had promised myself that the next time there was a school production, I would audition. There was a school production, so I auditioned. It felt good to live up to those big dreams. Everybody involved in the production was amazing and I can say I’ve made some more cool mates, and even learnt how to apply makeup! During rehearsals, it felt good having a constant clear goal to work towards, now I’ve got to find a new one. – Nathaniel Smith, Year 12