by Samuel Tan

A Night at the Grecian Garden

After months of planning by the Ball committee, Saturday 29th of June was a memorable night for the Year 12s & 13s of Fraser High School.

They were invited to spend an evening to take a step back in time and relive the majestic and harmonious Ancient Greece, littered with its gallant greenery and golden regal architecture.

The prestigious school ball, themed A night in the Grecian Gardens, allowed senior students to dress to impress and enjoy themselves a week before end of
Term 2. The event was held at Wintec’s The Atrium and included a DJ, photo opportunities, food and drink, a candy bar and decorative painter. Awards such as best couples, Y12 Rulers of Athens, Y13 Mount Olympus Supremes, Eros and Aphrodite (best dressed) and Grooviest Grecian (best dancer) were up for grabs, with the student body voting on who best deserved each title.

Throughout the night there were many notable segments, aside from the awards being presented. Some of the Year 13 students showcased a choreographed dance with a mash-up of modern songs to support. The students also did a haka for the videographer (provided by DJ, Vivid Collective) to show the pride of Fraser High. This was posted and can be found on Vivid Collective’s Facebook page as well as the After-video (a montage of the evening’s highlights).

With the Ball now concluded and exams on the horizon, the Year 12s excitingly await for the Ball season to come around again next year, while the Year 13s are left counting down the days until the Leavers’ Dinner.