by Tim Atkinson

Support Students Compete in Special Olympics Swimming

On Wednesday 6 March 2019, Fraser’s Supported Students went to the Aquatic Centre in Te Awamutu, to compete for the first time in a Special Olympic Swimming event.

The day started with their Olympic Oath.

Kia toa ahau.
Ki te kore ahau toa,
Ki mai ahau ahakoa
Ka hinga

Let me win
But if I cannot win,
Let me be brave in the attempt.

The students certainly strived to achieve that.

Staff who attended were particularly proud of the students’ perseverance. When the going got tough, they didn’t wimp out.

Students showed great enthusiasm and chose to enter two races each, according to their ability. There were various fun width races leading up to serious 50 metre length races.

Our eight swimmers were great representatives of Fraser High School demonstrating our LEAD values of Learning with purpose, Engaging with pride, Acting with respect and Daring to succeed, to the rest of the Waikato schools at the event.

We celebrated our achievements with large frozen Cokes from McDonalds.