The final result. by Joseph Sopers

Sitting on Milk Bottles!

Take a pile of used milk bottles, a range of plastic bottle caps, mix in a few other bits of plastic, add in a shredder, provided by Stafford Engineering, and car jacks supplied by Old School Holden, and you have the potential to build a new top for an old stool!

Fraser has entered the world of recycling plastic and is making a statement with the art of rebuilding the stools in Horticulture.

Head of Hard Materials Technology, Joseph Sopers, the drive behind the project, has put a lot of his own time into making the project work. From burning out parts to having to track down an oven to fit the panels to go onto the stool tops, Joseph has persevered. Students are a major part of the whole process, shredding the plastic in readiness for going into the oven. Once the panels are ready, they are then drilled and riveted to the old stool frames.

No two seats are the same and are a constant source of fascination for the students in Horticulture lucky enough to have them.

As funding becomes available it is the school’s vision to be able to recycle as much plastic as possible through the system.