Year 9 students, Thomas Hicks, Jorja-Rae Major and Wairere Grant, folding the dumpling mix. by Supplied

From Garden to the Table – Junior Horticulture at Fraser High School

The Years 9 and 10 Horticulture classes have been busy learning the processes around growing a successful garden.

The course began in February and the students learned to prepare their gardens, by weeding, digging and then adding compost and fertilisers.

The next step was to grow the seeds in punnets and watch them grow in the Glass House. After several weeks many of the seedlings were ready to plant in the garden plots.

One of the crops that was successfully grown was Chinese cabbage - Wong Bok.

The students then decided to use the Chinese cabbage as one of the main ingredients in their dumplings. During week 4 of the term, the Year 9 and 10 students successfully made 750 dumplings. All of which, were devoured.

The students learned what ingredients went into dumplings and how to make and cook them.

Overall, it was a very successful experiment, with all of the students learning about the process of garden to table.

The students are already thinking about what to make next term!