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Aoraki Maths Competition

Aoraki Maths Competition

Phoebe Wilson 8Cm and Georgia Coles 8Hm —

On Tuesday the 6th of August, two Year 7 and two Year 8 teams headed off to the Aoraki Maths competition in Timaru. The competition gave us 30 minutes to try and complete 20 questions. We could skip a question if it was too hard, but were not allowed to attempt skipped questions again if we had time at the end of the night. Each team had a runner who took a particular route to take their answers to their scorer. The scorer then updated the scores so the spectators could see how the teams were going.

The night started off with the Year 7's having a hard competition with some particularly tricky questions! The two Year 7 teams ended up placing in the middle of the field. The Year 8's started after the Year 7's. After a long 30 minutes, one team ended up 2nd while the other team ended up 5th. We think it was safe to say that all the runners were tired by the end of the night.

The Aoraki Maths Competition was a fun event, with all the teams doing the school proud.