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The Boys Club - Henry, Rory and Jack

No Laughing Me - What's Happening?

Mr Mike Deavoll —

“No Laughing Me” is the name of the publishing company set up within Geraldine High School by the students of Learning Support and the Visual Arts Department. In 2017, the company published, “I’m Going Home For Christmas,” and sold an incredible 230 copies, which travelled all around New Zealand and to some countries overseas. So what’s been happening this year? 

It was hoped that the sequel to this book, “The Animals Go Back To The Zoo,” would be ready for sale about now, but because of timetable constraints the work being done on this new venture is taking place every Wednesday afternoon from 3.00pm to 4.30pm. This core group of 4 boys, Henry King, Jack Leov, Rory Abraham and Jesse Johnson Pinn, who happened to be the only students and ex students available at that time, have become known as “The Boy’s Club” and have completed nearly all the art work for the new book. Students doing the learning support art programme have supported the core group with banner type backgrounds and atmospheric effects. At the moment The Boy’s Club are helping to complete the last section of this amazing animal adventure. This book will be ready for sale next year for the 2019 Christmas season.

As well as this, “No Laughing Me” is producing another book called “ Counting In Maori” and features a beginners guide to the Te Reo in saying the numbers from 1 to 22. It features work from every Learning Support student and all the Learning Assistants who are supporting these special students. It is very colourful and provides easy learning opportunities in Te Reo around numbers.

It is hoped that next year, as we approach the summer holiday season. “ No Laughing Me” will have three books to offer you, “I’m Going Home For Christmas,” “The Animals Go Back To The Zoo,” and “Counting In Maori.” We look forward to seeing you in 2019 as we launch our two new books.

Mike Deavoll on behalf of “No Laughing Me” Publications.