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SPCA Fundraiser

Showing Leadership

Trixie, Millie and Bianca —

As a result of our Social Studies project, we organised a school Mufti Day. We had two weeks to prepare for this day and had lots of struggles along the way - thinking we weren't going to have enough time, but we got there in the end. 

We ran three games on this day: knock the cans; ping pong ball; and guess how many dog biscuits are in the jar. We ended up raising $478.20 for the SPCA Temuka/Timaru. 

On 22nd of November we went to the SPCA to hand them the money and we were luckily enough to get a tour of the SPCA. They showed us around and showed us all the different animals such as homeless animals, adoption, sick and boarding. This was so much fun and a great experience and we would love to help as a volunteer later at the SPCA. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the mufti day and activities.

Trixie Rate, Millie Drake, and Bianca Keet